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Estany Project programme on television (in catalan)

Estany TV consists of a series of 12 10-minute television programmes and a documentary that summarizes the content of all of the programmes. The programmes were funded by a grant from the European Commission and LIFE project Estany [LIFE08 NAT/E/000078]. The programmes can be seen on the Project Estany TV canal.

The originals are in Catalan, but viewers have the option of either Spanish or English subtitles. Select the subtitle tool on Youtube and choose the language you want.

DOCUMENTARY: Invasive exòtic species. LIFE project Estany.

CHAPTER 12: Endnotes

CHAPTER 11: Publicity and diffusion

CHAPTER 10: Scientific monitoring

CAPÍTOL 9: La flora exòticaCHAPTER 9: Exotic flora

CHAPTER 8: Autochthonous terrrapins

CHAPTER 7: Exotic terrapins

CHAPTER 6: Freshwater mussels

CHAPTER 5: Autochthonous fish

CHAPTER 4: Exotic fish

CHAPTER 3: The case of Lake Banyoles

CHAPTER 2: Biological invasions, a global problem

CHAPTER 1: The lake, a unique natural space

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