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More than 1.700 visitors to the exhibition "Aliens! The invasion of alien species" which ended on 11 March

27-03-2012:CPM -

The exhibition will travel soon to the Blau Museum of the Natural History Museum of Barcelona, which will be in exhibition from 22 March until the end of the year.


On 11 March 2012 ended the stay of the exhibition "Aliens! The invasion of alien species" in Banyoles after 3 months open to the public on weekends. This exhibition, produced by the Consortium of the lake, the Darder Museum of Banyoles and the City Council in “Estany project”, a LIFE Project of the European Union, could be seen at the Darder Museum since late November 2011 . He was visited by many of the schools in the county, as well as local and foreign. Schools have enjoyed free visits, which were accompanied by workshops that allowed students the identification of endangered species and the problems caused by exotic species.

Visited by over 1700 people, we expected to help to raise about the awareness of the importance of the problem of invasive alien species, which was the main objective. The organizers consider very positive the exhibition, both for the content and feedback from visitors to the exhibition. The show was only open on weekends and weekdays by appointment only for school visits. The groups have been the most visits (979), individual visits were a total of 707, while the school workshops have led to visit 601 students. As for the tours, we have hosted 72 people, and finally, the workshops organized by families, 69 people.

The exhibition, with modules made with a fully recyclable material, now begins a period of roaming, first at Blau Museum (Barcelona), where will stay until 31 January 2013, and later in other parts of Catalonia and Spain.

Banyoles, 27 March 2012


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