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Grand presentation of the mussel “capgròs” (large head figure) and the Festa del Peix (Fish Festival) parade

04-01-2011:CPM -
On Saturday 23 October 2010, coinciding with the centenary of the first Fish Festival, a popular parade attended by many people was held with “capgrossos” and giants. During the parade a new “capgròs” was presented - “la nàiada” (mussel), a large head figure that along with  that of “Blauet (Kingfisher) will help to promote the natural values of Banyoles lake. The presentation was part of Banyoles' annual Festa Major de Sant Martirià, and formed part of the activities planned for the "Projecte Estany" (Lake Project) developed with funding from the European programme LIFE by the Consorci de l'Estany (Consortium formed by the County Council of Girona and the town councils of Porqueres and Banyoles).
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Presented during the parade the mussel “capgròs” is a representation of the river mussels that live in Banyoles lake. Along with Blauet, the mussel will help to explain to youngsters and adults the objectives of the Projecte Estany to boost native species in Banyoles lake.

Vídeo of the presentation of the mussel




In the middle of the parade a presentation took place to introduce the new “capgròs”, ballons were handed out and those taking part were given a snack. The Plaça dels Estudis in front of the Museu Darder was packed.

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Copia de DSC09454.JPG

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