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The european pond turtle returns to Banyoles Lake

12-04-2011:CPM -

The first release of european pond turtle in the lake took place by the Consorci de l'Estany  within the "Estany Project". On Monday 11 April 2011 have been released the first 50 individuals to the loopholes Can Morgat. The event involved over 40 children's school Frigolet from Porqueres, where they attended all children of primary, and Mossen Baldiri Reixach Banyoles with 25 children from first cycle.

Copia de 20110411_Alliberament_emys (2).JPG

The european pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) is a small turtle, black coloration with yellow spots, adapted to live in aquatic environments. Currently the species in Catalonia is in a critical condition and is considered threatened, which is protected in national and European level. In Banyoles were recorded in the last 5 years only two adults. It is considered the original species of aquatic turtle of the lake because fossil specimens have been found in the Neolithic village of Draga.
The release of new individuals of pond turtle, typical of the Ter River basin and Lake Banyoles, is a necessary action before the species finally extinguished in the area. The current residual population of the lake has no ability to recover, and there are not also nearby populations from where the species can recolonise the Lake Banyoles.

Copia de 20110411_Alliberament_emys (5).JPG
Two european pond turtle who have been released in the Can Morgat ponds.

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