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Works conditioning and improving the pool of La Draga (Banyoles)

31-01-2011:CPM -

In late January, the consortium has completed the conditioning works and improvement of the Draga pond that has involved the dredging of sediments. This action is part of PROJECT ESTANY has been realized in order to use the space for the maintenance of native fish and nàiades of LIFE + NATURE project funded by the European Union.

The pond is an ideal space for the maintenance of native fish and nàiades. The project consisted of removing much of the vegetation and dredging accumulated sediments latest. The LIFE Technical Office has monitored the work. 1033 fish have been rescued, from two exotic species, 273 Blak-bass, 760 pumpkinseed and only three red-eared slider. Exotic species have been slaughtered as mark the guidelines of ESTANY PROJECT .

The works have cost 7,000 euros initially and have been carried out by Excavations Masdevall and have been directed by Alex Comas (Serpa) and the technicians of the Consortium of the lake.

31 january 2011

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