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Begins a riparian restoration of the stream Can Morgat

14-12-2012:CPM -

The Estany Consortium  during this December has started restoration work on the right side of the stream Can Morgat in Porqueres, next to the road of the lake. These works are included under the LIFE PROJECT ESTANY and the goal is to recover the woods around the lake and improve habitat for species such as pond turtles or amphibians.


This project has as its main objective the removal of exotic vegetation around the river Can Morgat and restoration of native riparian forest in the lower section of the stream Can Morgat. This stream has historically suffered degradation and agricultural drainage and progressive enlargement of the enbankment.

This action is intended to naturalize the stream and expand the area occupied by woods that will help improve the connectivity and function of forest ecological corridor and offering a new habitat for wildlife, including the freshwater turtles, amphibians and otters. This is a new action in the area of Can Morgat that complements the restoration of ponds and other improvements to the same area that have been made in order to restore aquatic environments with the priority to protect and conserve .

For the preparation of the project it was necessary to buy the land the subject of the action, land currently devoted to crops. It have bought 2750 m2 of land, a strip of land 15 meters wide by 150 long along the stream, which become property of the City of Porqueres and have represented a 6,500 euros cost .

Once the property was been acquired, we have began with the action of removing exotic vegetation, especially reed (Arundo donax) and cleaned the area vegetation. Finally, during the second week of December, work has begun with a rotating machine to remove the soil on the side of the stream, improve the environment and naturalize the stream and create a embankment to prevent the adjacent fields flooding. The project has cost about 11,000 euros. The total cost of this action amounting to € 17,500 are absorbed through the budget planned under the LIFE Project Estany, contribution funded by the LIFE program of the European Commission and the Consortium de l'Estany, Porqueres City Hall , Banyoles City Hall, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the agencia catalana de l'Aigua, and Aigües de Banyoles.


Copia de Obres_RieraCanMorgat_11122012 (48).jpg

Copia de Obres_RieraCanMorgat_11122012 (48).jpg

Copia de Obres_RieraCanMorgat_11122012 (76).jpg

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