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the “Espai Estany” broadcast on Radio Banyoles begins

17-01-2011:CAM -

The Consortium of the Estany with the collaboration of Radio Banyoles has begun issuing SPACE ESTANY, a program to know everything that is happening at the Lake.

SPACE ESTANY is a radio program which is broadcast every Saturday through which you can find all the information related to the ESTANY PROJECT. The main objectives of the program are to bring the details of the various actions carried out to the county population and resolve all issues and questions related to the implementation of the "Estany Project: Improvement of habitats and species of the Nature Network 2000 in Banyoles, a demonstration project. "

ESPAI ESTANY takes about 5 minutes. You can listen to the interview to a specialist, resolve questions about the lake, and an informative site with news related to natural or space project.

Since early October have explained the different phases of the project. Currently it's issuing a series devoted to the problems of the introduction of species in nature, specifically on the introduction of exotic fish and turtle at Banyoles Lake. The next cycle will focus on native species and the importance of biodiversity to recover its natural space.

ESPAI ESTANY will issued until late 2011 with an expected total of 52 broadcasts on a weekly basis. You can listen to broadcast programs to date through the website of the Consortium of the Lake:

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