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World Bird Day 2010 at Banyoles Lake

Dia Mundial dels Ocells 2010

On 2 and 3 October 2010 the World Day of birds was held at Banyoles Lake, an event organised by Limnos, the Consorci de l'Estany and the Darder Museum. EIE

On Saturday 2, there was a workshop aided by the participation of the voluntary programme  LIMNOS in which thirty people took part.There was a scientific bird banding workshop, a workshop building traps for turtles, a workshop constructing nest boxes and a workshop for making feeders aimed specifically at children.

The scientific bird ringing activity helped provide an understanding of the technique used for the recognition of birds, bringing those in attendance close to the birds of the lake. The nest boxes workshop served to provide a score of nest boxes ready to be installed next Spring. And the workshop for building feeders helped to show how the different models facilitated feeding and to ensure they were available at observation points to allow people to familiarize themselves with the most abundant bird species. Finally a model of a turtle trap was built and some species of turtles captured by the "Projecte Estany" of the Consorci de l'Estany could be seen.

Until 17th October there will be an opportunity to participate in the competition "...and what is this bird?". Based on the identification of birds that will be marked and exhibited in the Darder Museum. There are two levels of competition, a basic and intermediate level, to allow maximum participation. There will be prize for the winners of each of these categories.

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